Finishing Profile

Open Width Padding

Bianco (Italy) - Imported slit opener & open width padding machine with automatic rope opening and tensionless slitting line with double padder. Max working width: 94”

Tubular Padding

Santex (Switzerland) - imported fully automatic balloon padding / squeezing machine with de-twister, double padder and magnetic stretcher. Maximum working width: 60”

Relax Dryer

Dilmenler (Turkey) - imported 4 chamber single pass relax dryer fully automatic PLC control machine along with vibrating and steaming chamber to ensure that the residual shrinkage in the fabric is minimum.

Tubular Compacting

Ferraro (Italy) - imported felt type tubular compacting machine with PLC control to ensure that the shrinkage in the fabric is arrested and the required diameter is set. Felt type compacting ensures that the fabric feel is smoother.